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11-30-2012, 08:51 AM
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"Frans Nielsen on the defensive" or how to get +8 statistics??
Going through stats on his (+) and (-) through the matches for Lukko, we see the following:

First +points on ice and then -points against on ice

4th (+0 -0), 6th (+1,-1), 7th (+2,-0), 9th (+1,-0), 12th (+1,-0), 13th (+1,-0), 16th (+1,-1), 19th (+0,-0) 23rd (not playing), 25th (+0,-0) 27th (+1,-2), 30th (+0,-3).

So beside the two last games in october, very solid from Frans. The other 9 games only 2 goals againt him when on ice.

2nd (+2,-0) 3rd (not playing) - Karjala Cup break - 13th (+2,-0), 16th (+3,-0), 21th (+0,-1), 22th (+0,-1), 24th (+1,-0) 27th (+1,-0), 29th (+2,-1).

No fall through matches this month. Only 3 goals against in 8 matches.

When we see all Lukko team they have 30 goals against in october, where 7 is on Frans (but 5 of those were in 2 games only where he apparently was not usual-Frans).
In november Lukko has 22 goals against and only 3 on Frans.

Last night we saw a very rare defensive mistake from Frans and also a rare goal - so all in all an unusual night. The mistake leads to the first goal, Frans scored a firsttimer to 1-3 on a PP and nice assist from Mikkel Bødker (though they lost in the end 2-4)

So it would be fair to say he keeps up a good defence for a team that is penduling between place 9-11th (but were last and 14th befor Frans).

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