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11-30-2012, 08:53 AM
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It seemed helpful to me.

What I'd keep in mind with these videos:

1. It's a specific type of shot. This isn't a full wrist shot but a lean and shoot snap/wrist shot.

2. I believe it requires a curved blade. PM9 probably won't work. If you have a mid curve like a Sakic try shooting from the mid. The idea is you kind of have to trap the puck in the pocket of the curve, lean, and fire. The PM9 doesn't have a pocket. The Drury does because it's got more loft and kinks further so you could do this if you really cup the puck (notice how they start the shot behind them and cup down on the puck).

3. The "head forward/backward" cue didn't work for me. It's the same concept as shooting behind or ahead of your body but makes less sense. I'd replace that with either shoot from behind your body to stay low.

4. The biggest plus is to pull the shot in tight to the body before you shoot, so you can put your power into the shot. If you shoot with the puck far away, it's all forearms and wrists, which will give you a weak shot. Pull it in tight, lean, and shoot.

You can see when the kid (which sounds weird because he looks like he's 25 years old) do this sometimes and really get a piece of it. At 1:30 in the first video he kind of flicks the puck but at 1:37 he leans and rips one.

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