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Originally Posted by HockeyGuruPitka View Post
I guess you neglect to remember that the leafs were the oldest team in the league and strapped to the cap? i guess you neglect to remember that we were tied down to these guys with NTC's? I guess you neglect to remember that Burke managed to turn the cap around and use it as an asset? I guess you neglect to aknowledge that we are going to have one of the lowest payrolls going into a post lock-out offseason with one of the deepest UFA markets that (because of cap reduction) will force teams to shed weight? I guess you neglect to remember that the cupboard was empty when Burke got here, yet our farm team is now a contendor?

Here is 2011-2012 production of our old top six forwards compared to our current:
Average TOP 6 PPG (0.43)

Average top 6 PPG (0.74PPG)

You forgot to compare our current top 6 to what our top 6 was during the year Burke got here. Aka has there been significant improvement? Regardless of getting younger, are they actually doing a better job?

Blake: 63 points in 78 games = 0.808 PPG
Ponikerovsky: 61 points in 82 games = 0.744 PPG
Stajan: 55 points in 76 games = 0.724 PPG
Grabovski: 48 points in 78 games = 0.615 PPG
Antropov: 46 points in 63 games = 0.730 PPG
Moore: 41 is 63 games = 0.651 PPG

Average top 6 PPG 0.712 PPG

So after four years, Burke has managed to improve our PPG in our top 6 by 0.028...wooo... what an accomplishment.

Did he at least make our top 6 physically intimidating? No.
Did he at least make our top 6 defensively sound? No.
Did he find us a #1 C? no.

Who cares how those guys are doing on other teams. How is THIS team doing compared to how THIS team was doing 4 years ago.

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