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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Nice to see you.

When Burkewas telling LEafs Nation what it wanted to hear...that it wouldn't take 5 years to make the playoffs...I heard a lot of media people looking at the club were saying 7 years to make it competetive.

And to be honest when you take into account the amount of young talent of the teams we were beating, and the Prime aged Talent on the teams we were chasing and the assets we were left with, 7 years was far more reasonable.

Most teams can make a rebuild in 5 years because they have soem good pieces to move out. And if we could have moved McCabe, Sundin, Kaberle and Tucker while their value was high, we wouldn't have needed to bring in Burke for a rebuild.

He got ahead of himself.
hello nice to see you too

i never thought of Burke as a guy who told Leaf Nation what they wanted to hear. i think Burke came in with his bravado, and sold the dream to us and the players UFA's were ready to believe and jump on board, a few years later we have all seen the plan bust, and become a revised version of ultimate success, to patience.We have also seen players from around the league loose faith in the process and UFA's and players with no trades staying far away from our town.

We spend a lot of time defending the management but this is not Tampa, this is Toronto and if you are going to come in and guns blazing and fail as Burke states that he has, what makes us think that we should have faith in him and his team being able to do anything more than what they have.

as i said in the show we need to have pride in our logo and rember our traditions Conn Smyth wrote on the dressing room walls in the Gardens Defeat Does Not Rest Lightly On Their Shoulders and as Leaf Nation it should not rest lightly on ours.

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