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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
You forgot to compare our current top 6 to what our top 6 was during the year Burke got here. Aka has there been significant improvement? Regardless of getting younger, are they actually doing a better job?

Blake: 63 points in 78 games = 0.808 PPG
Ponikerovsky: 61 points in 82 games = 0.744 PPG
Stajan: 55 points in 76 games = 0.724 PPG
Grabovski: 48 points in 78 games = 0.615 PPG
Antropov: 46 points in 63 games = 0.730 PPG
Moore: 41 is 63 games = 0.651 PPG

Average top 6 PPG 0.712 PPG

So after four years, Burke has managed to improve our PPG in our top 6 by 0.028...wooo... what an accomplishment.

Did he at least make our top 6 physically intimidating? No.
Did he at least make our top 6 defensively sound? No.
Did he find us a #1 C? no.

Who cares how those guys are doing on other teams. How is THIS team doing compared to how THIS team was doing 4 years ago.
What happened then doesn’t matter. You need to live in the present. If Burke hadn’t made these necessary changes, we would have sank with the ship. He turned worthless hockey players into assets and made something out of nothing. The players we have now, have trade value. The players back then were old and weren’t even considered top 6 forwards on most teams. Yes our defense is subject right now, however we have one of the deepest defensive prospect pools in the league. he has built it up in order to be sustainable over a long period. Yes i will admit that he hasn’t addressed the two most pressing issues goaltending and center, however any semi intelligent person would know that these are also the most difficult positions to fill. Do me a favour and figure out how many of the top goalies and centers in this league were acquired versus developed. Get back to me.

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