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11-30-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Fogelhund View Post
Interesting to note that it is mostly Vancouver fans discussing this still. It tells you who is more desperate to get a deal done here.

I'm not even close to being interested to any of the deals proposed in the last two pages, the first is not going to happen at this stage. These are all deals that actually are a step back for Toronto, we just can't afford them RIGHT now. I agree it might make us slightly better now, but the big long-term picture needs to be taken into context. I might consider a 2014 first, and a deal in Summer of 2013, depending on how the draft and UFA goes for us.

I would counter with something like MacArthur, One of Kadri/Colborne/Blacker (your pick), Lombardi and 2013 2nd.
What?!? There's a lot of Canucks fans in a Luongo thread...WOW, that's shocking.

I'd say the Canucks fans are expected since it's about one of their players.

Now why are all the Leaf fans here? The answer should be pretty obvious.

That being said, if the deal doesn't have at least one of Reilly or your next 1st in there + something of value equivalent to Gardiner, I'm not all that interested as a Canucks fan. I also don't feel like the Canucks need to trade Luongo this offseason, next offseason would be fine too, even if his value goes down (because if its less than a 1st + Gardiner, his value isn't that high anyways).

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