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Originally Posted by JWK View Post
I was watching the Louisville/Rutgers game earlier and Louisville was pretty much on the same boat as us on young guys. They had a lot of freshman and sophomore playing.

I didn't expect much this year, maybe 4 games or so. The way they lost was just eye opening to me, they were out of it by half time. When you get beat like that week in and week out, I just didn't see how Embree could survive this season because I don't think the team improved much throughout the year. Don't get me started on his stubborness to keep starting Webb and not playing younger players during blowout games.
Couldn't agree with you more. I've watched CU football for 20+ years and I can't remember a season quite as embarrassing as this one was. I understand that when you are playing as many young kids as the Buffs were there are gong to be some struggles. But that being said its not an excuse to get completely blown out every game. If you go back and watch some of the highlights of the games most of the TDs that the other teams would score would be so wide open they could walk into the endzone. I've seen middle of the road high school teams that played more fundamentally/positionally correct than the Buffs did last season. It was a true embarrassment, to watch some of these players on scholarship, play positions they have played their whole lives and act like they've never been coached at that position.

I think the most embarrassing play I remember last season was the punt return against Oregon where OU punt returner let the punt bounce over his head, then decides to field it running towards his own endzone, stumbles a couple of times, has time to turn around, runs laterally basically to the sideline so all the Buffs really have to do is force him to the sideline as it is an extra defender, but yet somehow during this entire circus of a play the Buffs can't even just play positionally correct so they allow him sneak up the sideline, untouched, for a punt return touchdown. When in real life a well coached team would have been down the field and as soon as the returner decided to field the ball facing the wrong way somebody would have pummeled him maybe causing a turnover because you don't field balls with your back to a defense.

Webb should have never been given a chance to be the starter, he was 5th year senior, thats too old for a rebuilding team the young QBs Wood or Hirschman should have been getting experience from day one.

So in my opinion Embree made some horrendous choices as coach this year, but as mentioned before 2 years is not enough time for anyone to attempt to turn around a program. The one thing that did bug me about Embree was all of his speeches where he would talk about the vast improvements the team was making, when it was clear as day that they were regressing in pretty much every aspect of the game. Sometimes it pays to be honest with the fan base, sometimes you just have to call the kettle black. Maybe if he had done this a little more he might have a job instead of feeding the fans a bunch of BS.

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