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11-30-2012, 09:26 AM
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As I pointed out repeatedly last year, no high draft pick Russian (I believe it's 14th overall or higher) has "abandoned" the NHL. Filatov bombed out and failed to reach the NHL, but other than that, I believe Radulov was the highest drafted player (15th overall) to skip town. Even then, the Preds still ended up getting 154 games and 102 points out of him. The "Russian factor" could be a thing GMs consider, but for the usual lottery portion of the draft, it's not something that actually has a history of occurring. It's like commercial airline crashes. They're extremely rare (off the top of my head, I believe you're about two to five times more likely to be killed by lightning than in any plane crash, and most of those crashes are from general aviation, not commercial) but they're also extremely high profile. The huge hullabaloo about one crash makes people think they happen frequently, and makes many people behave as though they happen frequently. But they are actually exceedingly rare.

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