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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Considering a ton of those guys are either:

1. bona-fide top 6 players
2. not centers
3. not better than Boyle

I'd say you're right where you started -- without much of an argument.
Be more specific wiseass. I said the list wasn't perfect. On Colorado you have Stasny and O'Reilly listed as centers and I don't get to see too many Av games so Duschene was added. Otherwise most of these guys slot as third line centers for the teams they are on and they are better players than Brian Boyle.

Put the stats aside. Do you go to any games? Brian works hard, but his skill set is awful. He gets in the way alot (he stops scoring chances for both teams); is easily knocked off the puck and has no ability to distribute the puck. He's fine defensively but not good enough to be getting a regular 3rd line shift considering how deficient he is in the offensive zone. We all know his goal total from two years ago was a two month burst where everything went in. He has not shown that ability either before those two months or since.

I like him as a player; on my 4th line getting 5 - 7 minutes a night at ES and on my 1st PK unit. I have an argument; you just don't agree. And the fact that I have season tickets and see him without the lovefest that comes from Sam and Joe influencing my opinion leaves me with a less than favorable assessment of him as a 3rd line player.

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