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Originally Posted by TOGuy14 View Post
I don't buy into that chart much at all.

When he came to Toronto he had literally NOTHING to start from. He built and revamped an entire roster in 4 years. I don't think anyone can argue that the team isn't more skilled, with much better prospects and a better cap situation now than we were before he came.

The results haven't lined up, but I actually think they are going to start happening soon...
What has happened is Reality, and what people hope will happen in the future is referred to as Optimism.

Only 1 is fact based while the other is fiction at this point in time, and that is an important distinction.

The great Burke debate is divided by those evaluating him on his current .422 winning % and 4 straight non playoff years and on what he has done, verses those that plead for more time and patience in hopes of what the team he assembled will do in the future.

When an employer calls an employee into his office in any business and does a performance review, do you believe he is basing his evaluation on what you have done for his business since you were hired, or what he hopes you will do from this point going forward?.

In Burke's case the actual results show the team is lower in the standings today, then when he took over the job 4 years ago. So believing the team is better on paper is an intangible debate as they're not better on the ice where it counts and is measured by the evidence in hand.

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