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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post

Yes, the work stoppage is an extension of what is happening in the world. It's called capitalism.
WTF are you babbling on about? I have no idea why you are rolling your eyes at me. My guess is that you pulled the norm and instead of asking what I meant by my statement(s) you just assumed you knew. You are the guy that will take a kids 5th grade report card and lay out their whole life in front of them.

Players, union or otherwise, are entitled to negoatiate for the best deal, same as any other economic actor.
No f'ing kidding. Why you said actor is a bit baffling. If you are in a union you collectively bargain. Doesn't matter in dollars involved. Did I suggest anywhere that they didn't?

Let's not delude ourselves--the Jackets don't exist in a purely capitalistic market
There is no such thing as a "purely capitalistic market". Where in the world did you even come up with it being a potential point of delusion?

What the rest of the stuff you because the Jackets will never command a big TV contract in the market they are in or the other types of supplemental revenue streams that would be necessary to bring in top talent. With no draft lottery and without CBA requirements making those drafted players stay the property of their team for a period of time, the Jackets would find themselves in even worse shape. (Oh, did we also forget about the huge taxpayer subsidies that even make this team vaguely close to financially viable?)
Why did you go into this bizarre tangent? It wasn't even a point on contention.

It isn't an accident that the league with the best revenue sharing is the most competitive--the NFL.
Do you have a memory? We've discussed the need for better revenue sharing and how that impacts potential competitive balance. Having said that, the best teams in the NFL tend to be the best teams over time and the crappy ones tend to remain crappy. There are a few exceptions, but ultimately you can't fix stupid with revenue sharing.

It is pretty clear who the problem is and it is Gary Bettman.
There is no "the problem".

This incompetent boob is now 0-for-3 in CBA negotiations. He's lost significant time 3 straight negotiations. And for what? His first CBA was a gigantic disaster while it was lauded as a win for the owners. His second CBA...was a gigantic disaster while it was lauded as a win for the owners. It isn't clear that Gary has a fundamental understanding of what he would actually need to do to make his league financially viable...after around 20 years in the commissioners chair. That makes it kind of difficult for anyone to have any faith that this third time that he's sacrificing a substatial amount of games he's actually going to get it right.
I'm glad you don't like Bettman. What I stated was accurate. The NHLPA is just as greedy and corrupt as Bettman and the owners of the large market teams. I have no idea why you are piggy backing this book on top of my post.

I just don't even care about the rest of what you wrote. Next time if you want to expand the conversation, quote me and respond directly to what I said, keep in on topic, and then make another post to ramble on about whatever else you want to talk about.

Ultimately little of what you posted was actually a response to what I wrote. The NLHPA hasn't proposed a solution, and as I said in many other posts, neither have the owners. They knew from day one that their "solution" wasn't going to be approved. Same from the owners. I've discussed player mobility, average contracts increases, the cap, there are more than two sides in this, etc. You took one post in a vacuum and made assumptions.

Ultimately, the large market means would like to spend whatever they want on players. The Leafs would have no problem with a 120 million dollar payroll. The NHLPA would wet themselves to have that happen. Ultimately the NHLPA wants every team to make no profit. After all profit is greed. Every dollar of profit should go to union members.

Frankly I don't give a crap what you think, but players demanding 50%+ of league wide revenue is obscene.

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