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11-30-2012, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by TorMenT View Post
Well that couldn't have started too much worse. Really need Aaron Rodgers to **** the bed or I'm in trouble for week 1 of the playoffs.
In a somewhat similar stance in my other league. Winner of my match up goes to the playoffs, but if I lose I need 2 others to lose to make it... but don't want to rely on that. Also need Rodgers, and Cobb, to explode.

They killed me last week. Lost by < 2 points, and if I won I'd have clinched a playoff spot and been battling for a first round bye. Instead there is a legit shot I can now miss the playoffs. God this sucks...

Oh, and if Matt Bryant didn't miss that 28 yard FG last week... I also win last week. God ****ing dammit.

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