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Originally Posted by slovakiasnextone View Post
I think you´re wrong about the Reway thing, Bokroš has always mentioned him between the NA guys he was considering for WJC and AFAIK Bokroš doesn´t seem to have such a problem with younger players playing at the WJC (he already took quite a few underagers both to the WJC and U18 WC last year), the too young to play rule was more of a Mikeš´ thing I think. Also the argument with being thrown out of the U18 team, there was no trouble between Bokroš and Reway when he played under him during he U18 WC, so I think they can make it through the WJC as well. The injury thing might be the biggest trouble, but otherwise while I´m not saying that he will 100% make the team the chances that he gets an invitation are really high especially with Tvrdoň´s injury.

As for the comparions with the Czechs, wings5, I really hate that one as it makes no sense as despite common history they both have always been somewhere different since independence in depth (>30 000 junior players vs 6000 junior players) as well as the conditions that Czech and Slovak teams have. You must remember that even if the Czechs might be in trouble their conditions even then still are better than ours.
30,000 v.s 6,000? Wow had no idea there was such a huge gap in registered players, why is this? Has to be more than just a population difference.

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