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11-30-2012, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
You're not going to pull out of big US markets to go to medium-sized Canadian ones if you're the NHL right now.

The NHL has got to make the jump to a national sport in the United States someway, somehow. That is non-optional for the long term health and relevancy of the league. You can't just sit there and sulk in your little geographic niche, dismissing 3/4 of the money in the United States as "not hockey money." It doesn't matter if you're not winning the competition for that money right now, YOU HAVE GOT to go out there and compete for it.

If hockey teams gave up every game they thought they had no chance of winning, they would be dismissed as soft, whiny little pansies. You really want the league to be thinking like that?

What they need to do is offer better support and quicker remediation of the kind of damage a bad owner or one who isn't up to the challenge of owning in a completely new market can run into. If they'd jerked whatsisname, Moyes, up earlier, maybe Phoenix wouldn't have been as badly screwed.
For this to work, you have to show the product. Which means you play games. This is not happening right now.

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