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Originally Posted by LeafsTFC View Post
I'm the furthest you could be from a fan of rap/pop but outside of Lightfoot, that Super Bowl lineup is wayyyyyy better. Carly Rae, Biebs and Mariana's Trench all have some of the most idiotic lyrics.

Whereas PSY's song is a pretty neat satire of life in that one district of Seoul, and even I can appreciate that Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye have more artistic talent (not really the type of art I like but oh well) than Carly Rae, Justin Bieber and Mariana's Trench.
Originally Posted by Kessly Snipes View Post
You may not enjoy their music, but they are the biggest of the big in the respective genres. They draw crowds and people will tune in.

I am a fan of all music, my playlists are unlike anything you will ever see, completely random hard rock, indie, rap, reggae, pop, hip hop, country etc), with an open mind you can like anything. Sadly very few people are capable of this.

I enjoy all types of music from classic rock to modern pop....I dont care for any of the artists in general at either the Grey Cup Or Superbowl...that is you wont find any or their music in my collection. Point cant deny the stardom status of Justin Bieber, no matter how much you dislike him. To me he is no different than any of those artists at the Superbowl. Its all junk IMO as I am not a boyband fan nor am I a Rap fan. Having said that....I absolutely love NY Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z I believe and cant help but tap my foot to some of Carly Rae's or Bieber's hits.

These people are international stars with the exception of Marianna's Trench. Its laughable that so many Canadians always think American crap is superior to Canadian crap. Canadian music has as many if not more huge music industry people per capita than any country in the world.


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