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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
30,000 v.s 6,000? Wow had no idea there was such a huge gap in registered players, why is this? Has to be more than just a population difference.
Actually, I think the gap used to be even bigger not so long ago, but the number of Czech junior registered players has fallen dramatically in the last few years.

As for the reasons Iīm not absolutely sure as Iīm not even quite sure if it used to be same during Czechoslovakia times as I have no data for that time. But the two reasons I could think of are as follows:

- number of indoor rinks - 148 in the Czech republic and 47 in Slovakia (and it was much closer to 40 not so long ago), which means that we still have a lot of regions where hockey is not easily accessible (I think especially in South and East Slovakia) and parents would have to drive their children several km to every practice and therefore choose other sport/no sport for their children

- economic situation in both countries. While we were the same country once itīs a pure fact that the Czechs have always been in a better economic situation than Slovakia and especially the 1990s/early 2000s when the current generations of junior/young NT players started playing were a pretty hard time for our country.

One more thing, while the WJC is a great tournament and I greatly enjoy it and look forward to it every year and it has basically become a part of my Christmas tradition, the fact is that its implication for a countryīs senior NT shouldnīt be overvalued. Especially when it comes to countries like Slovakia who has always had such a limited depth of players. Also take for example last years Slovak team at the IHWC there have been several players whose role back when they were at the WJCs was not so great, but they managed to impress on the menī stage and ot the other hand there have been lots of players who made a bang at the WJC and never made it at the menīs level.

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