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Originally Posted by sharks9 View Post
How does that have anything to do with consistency? You can't judge consistency based off 2 games.

I never said he doesn't have any offensive ability, but his offense is clearly not consistent based on his stats.

You ask me to stay on topic but then bring up the Subway Series which had nothing to do with what I was talking about. I am confident in what I'm saying because it's clearly backed up by facts, whereas all Leafs fans are saying is that I can't judge offensive ability by stats, which is ridiculous.
Rielly cant finish: lack of goals

Rielly's team cant finish, lack of assists.

Its not that hard. After fioretti's red hot start, pretty much the entire moose jaw team has had trouble finishing. Rielly too. But in terms of playmaking and breaking the game open, rielly hasnt changed.

I would really like him to improve that shot though... And I would also like him to initiate contact in his own zone more often (he gives opposing forwards too much space imo). Other than that, Im very happy with his play.

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