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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
With more and more rules we're turning into another NBA. Half of the people in the stands now can't even keep up with all the rules that are in place. Trying to explain hockey to somebody who has never seen it before takes the whole damn game now. It used to just be "Well there's icing, offsides, two-line passing, and you cant elbow somebody, hit them when they don't have the puck, or slash their wrists/ankles violently."

Tugging and pulling was believe it or not an integral part to the sport. Coaches would train you on how to do it properly so you don't injure the opposing player. The respect was there, and the players policed it themselves.

Can't handle being hooked while you have the puck in one of the worlds most contact sports? It's clearly not for you then. Don't like being slashed because it hurts? Sorry, but this is hockey and it's how we play. Maybe you should get stronger so you don't put yourself in those situations?

Peter Forsberg is the greatest example ever for all of this. This is a warriors sport, not basketball.
This is ridiculous to me. All that stuff was always against the rules. It has nothing to do with being a "warrior's sport".

How much contact was Jere Lehtinen involved in each game? How much contact is Loui Eriksson involved in each game? How many rules do they break? How are they not warriors?

I wholeheartedly agree with the larger point that the current rules are too many in number and too complex in nature -- but not for the reasons you listed. You even cite the 2 line pass as an example of a simpler time... which is totally backwards. That's one area where they have successfully rationalized the game. They can go further by eliminating the goalie trapezoid which has negligible impact on the game while substantially increasing confusion amongst new fans. Eventually they need to make the full switch to no-touch icing as well. Puck goes over the end line? Icing. Simple. And you missed perhaps the most obvious streamlined rule that's been changed from the "glory" days... perhaps you remember it... something about a foot in the crease...

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