Thread: Blue Jays Discussion: Offseason Madness the 8th: Josh Johnson Edition.
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11-30-2012, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by shakes View Post

I hate Damien Cox. Buerhle hasn't even played a game for the Jays and he is slamming him because he wants to bring his dog with him? Dog people, myself included, would do the exact same thing for their pets. Posting ignorant and inflammatory blogs about how Buerhle should talk to dog bite victims makes me want to puke. Hey, don't worry about the facts that Pitbulls aren't even top three in the dog bite statistics or it's not even the dog's fault, just run your mouth because some guy wants to bring his dog with him. Hell, an unsavory person can and probably has trained a Lab to be crazy too.

I don't own a pitbull (I'm a Lab guy), but I know if I was a pitcher and I couldn't bring my dog with me, I would want to be traded. That's not hyperbole either. God, I'm mad. I hate idiots.
Meh, it's Damien Cox. This is what I expect out of him.

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