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11-30-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
No, the Penguins use black and (vegas) gold,

The Pirates and Steelers use black and yellow. Big difference to me - the Pens ruined a perfectly good looking jersey (with some RBK "design help" I'm sure).

And who are these "Expos" you speak of?
In the world of color names...that yellow is actually named gold. Regardless all three belong to the gold pallette of colors, so whatever. I wish the Penguins would go back to the real gold color, but it does little to 'cheapen' the one city/one scheme thing.

Red, white, and blue is the most overdone color combo in hockey. The last thing we need is some team ditching a unique scheme for a tired scheme...especially not when basically ripping off the Capitals jerseys while inviting comparisons to the Blue Jackets in overall motif.

What the Stars need to do is kick the black to the curb and embrace the green and gold. It's a (sadly) unique scheme in the NHL (my favorite overall...and one only used by the Packers and Athletics in the big four) and, if they play it up instead of trying to be yet another team in black again then they have that unique brand that they want. You don't have to tear the whole thing down when you have a solid foundation...or used to, at least.

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