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11-30-2012, 12:23 PM
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Jacobs has to have some support outside of Bettman to get his way. There is apparently committee of like-minded owners controlling the fate of the league.

I searched to find out what team owners/reps are in the NHL executive committee:

-Jeremy Jacobs (Boston)
-Craig Leipold (Minnesota)
-Brian Burke (TO)
-Murray Edwards (Calgary)
-Ted Leonsis (Washington)

(Can somebody confirm that this is indeed the inner circle? Sources are thin. The non-addition of Snider is suspect.)

No representation from Gary's newish franchises. Basically the guys who have the most experience with law and/or lockouts. And guys who are definitely on-side with helping out their own wallets at the expense of players.

Old man Jacobs: Of course the Darth Vader of NHL ownership has to be included.

Note that Leipold is there, and he just signed Parise and Suter to mammoth deals. Deals that he knew he probably wouldn't have to honor? Him and Gary go way back.

And of course Burke has to be there. Explains why we haven't heard much from the guy as of late. Since no 'person' owns TO, Burke being there makes sense, given his experience with inner NHL affairs.

The odd duck to me is Edwards. Who is he? Representing all of western Canada?

Ted Leonsis was thrown in to be a wildcard. (WILDCARD! YEEEEE-HAWWWWWW!) But he apparently is also a hard-liner, along with the rest of them.


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