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Originally Posted by Luvtowatch View Post
Ya I watched the game last night. Austin must have played 35 min. He played a great game but the young guys didn't see the ice in the 3rd period. I just don't see why George doesn't give them a chance. Crammer Jr is a talented kid, Heffernan had a great game the night before, DeSousa might have the most talent. Only Petti gets icetime. That's probably because he would be George's own pick and has to play him. Those boys will probably want out of Belleville quickly.
Of the young guys 3 of 4 can't leave no matter what since they're 16 years of age and not first round picks. You can only trade a first round 16 year old. As for the kid line I'd say those 15-20 second shifts were probably more annoying than sitting the 3rd since that effectively becomes a no shift shift. I'm not sure why you don't just dress the 3 lines if you're going to provide 2-3 minutes a game to an entire line as it's not going to develop the young guys any more than watching the game from the stands and at least wouldn't count against them in games played. Otherwise you get a scenario like Lemmon or Carnevale where it shows 49 games played and 1 goal on the year. Made those kids look weak and is a direct reason why they asked out. A kid like Cram. Jr. has played the least and then comes in to play several token shifts the entire game is not a way to develop or boost confidence at all.

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