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Originally Posted by Shadowtron View Post
I dunno how he'll play out in the show, but in the comics, The Governor was an absolute monster of a human being. Hell of on earth type of guy.
Yeah, I've been a little disappointed about his lack of evilness in the TV show. There are times when it almost seems like he's the good guy around Woodburry, even with the obvious mental problems he's got going on. The TV show makes him a much deeper character (mostly due to them having an hour each episode, rather than the comics which you can read an issue in 10 minutes), so I'll give them that, but they just haven't done enough to make him the despicable character who has you wanting to go onto the show and strangle him with your own hands. It's a shame too, because the actor playing him is just incredible, and he would have no problem pulling it off.

Then again, there is still lots of time to go to develop the Gov, I'm just hoping they can pull it off, because I'm starting to get a little worried. I just can't see them making this Governor as vile as the guy who (comic spoiler)
Cuts off Rick's hand, beats his zombie daughter to blow off steam, tries to feed the group for walkers just because he can, repeatedly ***** and tortures Michone, and holds a full-out assault on a prison just because he wants it

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