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11-30-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Viller View Post
This and the backhand to forehand, top cheese move are ruining this game. Worst thing is theyve had this problem since 08 and never fixed it. It cant be that hard to make the goalies stone walls on those type of shots. Id rather none of them went in at all than have kids grind those 2 moves for 3 periods and act like they are good after.

And seriously, the more I play, the more I see stats are completely ****ing useless. The only important one is skating.

edit: SHT and HND barely do anything. I can score just as well with an 80 than a 90. I can defend just as well with some dude rated 75 than a guy rated 90 in DEF. It wasn't like this when the game came out. They completely broke their game with tuner kits.
Yep ... fracking Matthew Lombardi is one of the most popular players in this game ... let that sink in lol.

Not sure if it's the tuners or now the majority of people have just learned the exploit goals.

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