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11-30-2012, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
“From our standpoint, we believe that the agreement will give 30 stable, healthy, competitive teams and that the fans in all of our markets will have every opportunity to think they have a shot at winning the cup,” Bettman said yesterday

You cant go blaming the players for mucking it up when they only used the power given to them in the agreement that was to give 30 stable, healthy competitive teams.
What is unreasonable with what he said? Parity has been greater than it ever was and the league has been more stable than previously. Remember that they came from place with no cap and where players salary ate 74% of revenue.

I don't think he expected inflationary pressure would cause the cap floor rising from $23M to $54M. That's the main cause for some markets being weak at the moment. Costs rising at a pace that's much higher than revenue rising in some of the markets.

No doubt owners have their share of the responsibility for the problems, as do players and agents and even external factors. This is why it's so sad that both sides can't treat this as a partnership. With a cap system the fortunes of both sides are linked.

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