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11-30-2012, 02:26 PM
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Playoffs should be over within a week.

Everyone needs to stop with the personal attacks on the other GM's its really putting a damper on what should be the most exciting time of the season. Everybody knows that their are ways to exploit the game and I don't condone this at all. Rules state that anything that creates a unfair advantage is unacceptable and you can argue that exploiting flaws in the game to continuously score the same type of goal is going against this. From my own personal experience I will say I understand why Vancouver is upset, I was extremely frustrated playing against Nashville as it seemed he has about 3 set plays tops but I wouldn't call any of it really exploiting just working a strategy that he seems to have come up with.
Florida your something else, why would you even try to jump in on this argumant that has nothing to do with you and try to use it to fire a personal attack at Carolina? I only played you once so I haven't really got a chance to see your style of play too much but I have to wonder how many of Fleischmans goals came off the infamous backhand forehand deek.. I'm guessing a lot more than he potted in the actual NHL. I wish I could run a league with 30 GMs who play 30 different styles of hockey and have 30 GM's who respect the way each other play but that seems highly unlikely in this mode.

Bottom line is for the benefit and Integrity of the league I need everyone to stop arguing in this thread and stop disrespecting the other GMs publicly. If you have any problems send me a pm and I'll do my best to address any issues in a rational way.

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