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11-30-2012, 02:29 PM
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Anyone ever try negotiating with an auto insurance adjuster on the value of a totaled car?

This agent is short changing me by at least 1k. I totaled a '92 3000GT VR-4 with 55,600 miles. The car was bought for 9k with ~48k miles on it 2 years ago, and within the next few months had roughly 2k worth of maintenance done to it. Including the 60k mile service, fixing a dented oil pain (this can lead to fuel starvation and the engine dying), and replacing a faulty knock sensor. If I had wanted to sell it before the crash, I would have listed it at 10.5-11k and not have settled below 9500. That is the value of this car, having owned 3 of them in my life, I know what they go for and what the market is. Especially since it's 20 years old now and qualifies as a classic. And she's trying to only give me 7700. No matter how much facts I suggest to her (listing prices of the same model cars for sale in the area, how it's a late production '92 built with a stronger transmission that makes it more valuable to people in the market for these cars, etc) she just keeps saying she "cant" adjust the value. Which is bull.

Edit - According to KBB the value is between 8200 and 8800. And according to NADA Guide - Low Retail is $5250, Average is $12150, and High is $17800.

Can anyone offer advice in this scenario?

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