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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
Define "greedy"? Last I saw, one side is clearly taking a cut already (the players) and the other is not content with that, they are holding out for a bigger cut.
When you are asking for 50%+ (depending on proposal) of league wide revenue when your average salary has increased FAR beyond cost of living, you are a greedy ass rat *******.

I had more laid out but honestly I don't want to continue that debate. It's far removed from the CBA. I think you give far too much credit to the Fehr and, ultimately, the NHLPA and its average member. Revenue sharing is, ultimately, a mechanism to extract as much revenue out of the larger markets as it possibly can in a cap situation. It's the flavor of the day, wealth redistribution. If the cap didn't exist, there wouldn't be much talk in the way of revenue sharing. If there was it would be mainly from the owners.

The only reason Fehr gives a crap about the CBJ and anything resembling it's bottom line is so that another 20+ skaters are employed. For all that the players "gave up" the last time around, they sure are doing pretty damn well (average salary increase far, far, far, exceeds cost of living increases). This isn't the owners main business, half they league teams tend to report an operating loss, and there are always more people that want to own a sports franchise and other cities that want them. After all someone is looking to buy Phx in that crappy arena they are in and the Thrashers didn't cease to exist.

Let's also remember that players are one part of a teams payroll, so your comparison isn't entirely relevant. There are very few people that can walk into a CEO's room or to the board and demand their salary. To walk into a group and say, "unless you increase collective average salaries to beyond 3.5 million per person" is obscene. The work they do is hard, they are rare skills, and they should be compensated. I don't envy their money. But for them to suggest they are somehow being wronged with how much they are paid (not to mention they are guaranteed contracts) is beyond laughable.

I find this whole situation laughable. I find picking either the owners or players side laughable. These are rich people complaining that they need to be more rich. I make pretty decent money, but it's nothing compared to the league minimum.

You do a good job of making it seem like I am support Bettman or the owners. It could not be further from the truth. What I support is the smaller market teams, the fringe players, honoring existing contracts, closing contract loopholes, as well as player mobility.

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