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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
Ok, your favorite team is the first one cut.

I'm not saying contraction is an all bad idea, but it isn't that simple. I think relocation is a much better strategy, but even then, you're taking hockey away from the passionate fans in an area. There may be a smaller number of die-hards in, say Phoenix than in Montreal, but the ones who are committed deserve a team just as much. They different in quantity, not passion.
We don't have a team anymore in Montreal. Dies it mean I don't like baseball anymore ? I can still root for the Red Sox or the Dodgers.

Same with football. Montreal doesn't have a NFL team. Does it mean I can't support a team elsewhere ?

Thre is no NHL: team in the maritime Provinces. Does it mean fans over thre never go to Montreal , Ottawa or Toronto to see a game.... ?

You know, television exists too.

There is more hardcore hockey fans in Drummondvulle or Peterborough than in the whole Phoenix area. Does it mean they deserve a NHL team ?
And what about a huge market like L.A. who got no NFL team ?

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