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11-30-2012, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by DontPass2Clarkson View Post
Anyone ever try negotiating with an auto insurance adjuster on the value of a totaled car?

This agent is short changing me by at least 1k. I totaled a '92 3000GT VR-4 with 55,600 miles. The car was bought for 9k with ~48k miles on it 2 years ago, and within the next few months had roughly 2k worth of maintenance done to it. Including the 60k mile service, fixing a dented oil pain (this can lead to fuel starvation and the engine dying), and replacing a faulty knock sensor. If I had wanted to sell it before the crash, I would have listed it at 10.5-11k and not have settled below 9500. That is the value of this car, having owned 3 of them in my life, I know what they go for and what the market is. Especially since it's 20 years old now and qualifies as a classic. And she's trying to only give me 7700. No matter how much facts I suggest to her (listing prices of the same model cars for sale in the area, how it's a late production '92 built with a stronger transmission that makes it more valuable to people in the market for these cars, etc) she just keeps saying she "cant" adjust the value. Which is bull.

Edit - According to KBB the value is between 8200 and 8800. And according to NADA Guide - Low Retail is $5250, Average is $12150, and High is $17800.

Can anyone offer advice in this scenario?
Not sure if I have advice, but I've seen people go through this. It's common with insurance. I've always wondered if my car gets totaled what value do they give me? Trade in? Private party? I really hope not to find out. How did you total it? I'm pretty sure they don't take into account the maintenance you've done to it. Either way sorry to hear it.

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