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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Yeah, I took it a step further. You want to flay Bettman because he "promised" that the last CBA would fix everything.

So it didn't happen. Did you really expect that it would?

Other than taking a shot at Bettman and indirectly calling him incompetent (which he isn't) or a liar (he doesn't have a crystal ball), I don't see the point.
Freudian wanted a quote about Bettman, I guess I didnt find the "fix everything" exactly but the man did proclaim that it should lead to 30 stable, healthy franchises. What it has lead to 1 league owned team, a moved franchise, 3-4 more on the brink, and depending what the source is 17 or 13 teams losing money.

There are miscalculations but this seems to be on a bigger end, they couldnt have expected the Canadian dollar to stay at 55-60 cents compared to the American dollar. They put the clauses in that allowed the players to raise the ceiling, and now I am being told that they couldnt have accounted for such a thing?

edit: The Canadian dollar was at 81 cents at the end of the 2005 lockout.

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