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Originally Posted by cheswick View Post
I never claimed the system worked. Your solution was to eliminate the cap floor. Which I pointed out was not a solution at all. It would be equivalent to increasing revenue sharing (unmder a % of HRR linked system) which you don't seem to understand.

I won't comment on most players are making 50% cause that seems to be a personal opinion on the worth of players and nothing to do with the conomics of the NHL
We're supposed to live - like it or not - in a liberal economic system whre the stongest and biggest eat the smaller fishes. In outr economic situation, 30 teams in the NHL is way too much. Eliminating the cap floor doesn't mean these teams could not compete, hockey-wise.

If they keep the contracts length at 5 years and IF the cap hit = the real salary figure, you will have less "cheaters" like Minnesota and the Devils. UFA should not happen before the guy is 28 or has 8 full years at NHL level.

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