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Originally Posted by Slot 3 View Post
I was pretty alarmed at first, but I had read (somewhere) that the generation after Broadwell would go back to LGA. Intel is probably going to transition to a cadence that goes LGA (for their architecture breakthroughs) and BGA (for die-shrinking, etc.) in alternating years.
I sort of agree with the alarmist description.

Remembering back a few years ago, how Intel was going to include this super nasty on chip DRM and ruin the openness of the platform or some such.

Also it seems odd because Intel has done quite a bit for the enthusiast lately.

Wait and see, could be horrible or overblown. But even if it is soldered to the board and there are no socket options, I'm sure someone like ASUS will package various CPUs with enthusiast level motherboards and sell them like that. Even most enthusiasts I know don't swap CPUs that much. In building my own systems I've only upgraded a CPU within a generation/socket family once. A64 3500+ to A64 4000+.

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