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11-30-2012, 02:10 PM
Ignoring Idiots
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I have sat in the same room with this man, on the same panel, and had a hotly contested back and forth about the hypocrisy of some of his earlier articles. Between 1998 and 2001, I would track and save as all of his articles because I noticed a pattern of... deletion. He would post something and then 6 months later, post something that contradicted it, and would then go back and delete the old one.

If it were me (at the time, it was for a different site), I would go back and add a "retraction" to a previous article. As more and more mistakes were made and corrected in the wireless world, I would have to go back and add these sorts of retractions to previously inflammatory statements.

Neilsen never did that. He would just delete them.

His opinion of Windows 8 pretty much mirrors mine...

The Roman god Janus; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; even Batman's arch-foe Two-Face — human culture is fascinated by duality. We can now add Windows 8 to this list. The product shows two faces to the user: a tablet-oriented Start screen and a PC-oriented desktop screen.
Unfortunately, having two environments on a single device is a prescription for usability problems for several reasons:
•Users have to learn and remember where to go for which features.
•When running web browsers in both device areas, users will only see (and be reminded of) a subset of their open web pages at any given time.
•Switching between environments increases the interaction cost of using multiple features.
•The two environments work differently, making for an inconsistent user experience.

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