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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
I find this whole situation laughable. I find picking either the owners or players side laughable. These are rich people complaining that they need to be more rich. I make pretty decent money, but it's nothing compared to the league minimum.
Well, seeing as I picked a side, I hope to amuse you with my reasoning.

7 years ago the owners locked the players out until they got exactly what they wanted. It worked, eventually the players caved.

The owners then took that lesson into this year, tossed a lowball offer at the players, then locked them out when they didn't take it. The owners haven't given up anything in this, and why should they. They know no matter what comes out of this, they're getting a better deal than the last CBA. All they have to do is nothing, and they could potentially get an even better deal. They go back to that lowball and claim to actually have made concessions when you compare the current offer to it. When in fact they've gained considerably even if they walk right now with the players proposal.

If the players break again, the circle of lockouts will continue every time a CBA expires. In 7 years will 50/50 be enough? Just lock the players out, wait for their house of cards to fall, and poof, you're at 60/40. Meanwhile the fans have missed another season because the owners know they'll eventually come back.

That's why I'm cheering for the players to find their backbones. I want 7 years from now the deal to be done in July because the owners know they can't just push the players around. I want the players to know they can't push owners around. I want balance so that neither side uses a lockout or a strike to get what they want. I want both sides to respect each other. I want there to be some negotiations, some give and take on both sides, and uninterrupted hockey for the first time in decades.

Lockouts suck.
Strikes suck.

But since we're doing this now, I want the right set of circumstances to happen to hopefully prevent it from happening in the future.

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