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11-30-2012, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by PredaDORES View Post
This is the kind of complaint that is frustrating. What do you want him to do on a breakaway? That's the most basic deke in hockey and is effective.

I don't know what 3 plays you're talking about when referring to me. My offensive attack changes depending on how my opponent plays defense. Vancouver gave my players plenty of time and space when I was entering the zone so I was able to snipe goals from the perimeter. Other teams are more aggressive with my forwards, so I have to cycle and take shots from the point.

It's no different than a real life hockey game where the coach uses different systems to exploit defensive weaknesses. Calling it a glitch though is absolutely childish. A few years ago there was the "curve shot". That's a glitch. After that, players would do the wraparound all game long which frustrated me to no end. But don't confuse effective strategies/gameplans with glitching.

I just think it's hilarious that I'm being accused of "glitching" or running the same play every time. In the game I was accused of "glitching", I scored on a slapshot from the point, a one timer off of a faceoff, a breakaway, and a rebound off the boards. It's simply belittling to the winning team to cry "glitch" after losing a hard fought game.
Nashville is completely misrepresenting his play style and the plays discussed.

My first round opponent ran the same 2 plays 90% of the time, it wasn't particularly fun and one of them could be considered a glitch, but I raised no complaint as it wasn't to this extreme. I don't whine about everybody or even just based off of one game, but it was pretty apparent what was happening here.

This series was something else, and I did raise my concern to my opponent in game 2 to see if he would stop, and I let the commish know his play style after game 4 when the series was tied 2-2 so it's not about suddenly losing a game. The series became a joke in game 2.

Hopefully he cleans up his act versus the wild, he's not a terrible player and probably could have some success without continuously exploiting. Maybe some good will come out of all this. But, based upon his response to the situation, I doubt it

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