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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Just in case you forgot, I'll repeat what YOU said : based on the simple fact they are the owners.

so, your boss owns the company you work for, and based on the simple fact he's the owner, he has every right to cut your salary... right ?

as for the 50% thingie, dont worry, your boss will hire a competent enough accountant to make the numbers work, he'll show you that by cutting your salary you both will be at 50/50
Unfortunately, up to a point, YES. Of course, you also have the right to do something about it: quit. Also, depending upon what the reasons are for the cut, you can take him to court or (in Quebec) "les Normes de Travails". Most employers are not going to simply reduce salaries by a significant margin if it is without cause. The happy employee makes more money than the unhappy one. However, most employees also do not get 57% of the revenue generated by where they work.

Of course, in the real world, salary cuts happen all the time. Hostess just recently closed its doors when their unionized workers decided to fight against a salary reduction and go on strike. Teachers in Quebec just finished a long battle with the government and are getting a minimal percentage increase over the next few years (about 1.5%). The players in the NHL aren't these poor, oppressed little people. They get millions for their work and will continue to do so throughout the next CBA even with a temporary rollback and the brutality of a mere pittance of 50% of all HRR. Man, how will the NHLPA survive if all they get is 50% of billions to spread around 750 jobs. If the players are getting such a rough deal, let them quit and go play in other leagues around the world. Ask Bobby Dollas to let you know how great it is to play in any other hockey league around the world, and you will start to understand how good the NHL players truly have it. Not just financially, but in terms of perks, care, accomodations during travel, etc...

Again, the players lost 24% of their salaries last time and made a 63.5% step forward over the course of the last CBA. They will continue to do well as long as they contribute to the growth of the game or even if the resources were to stagnate and remain at the same level for the next decade.

I would happily give up 24% of my salary today if I could get 63.5% growth over the next 15 years, never mind 7.

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