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11-30-2012, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
According to the NHL revenue has exploded since the last lockout. This tells you that the owners ruined it again and instead of being reasonable in how they run their business, they get their money back the only way they can withoutout fighting the other owners for the cherry.

Like any dirty busines, I believe a lockout was always the plan. No better business than to pay employees with hundred dollar bills ripped in half and get away with it.
You sure it's all Bettmans fault that the NHLPA didn't start negotiating till 2 weeks before the training camps? No, they offered negotiations in the previous offseason.

Is it Daly's fault that the NHLPA comes with DELINKED proposals with guaranteed $ RAISES when the NHLPA already got paid 57% of all HRR? No.

Fehr called the league out because they were apparently bluffing with cancellation of the Winter classic. Guess what happened?
Fehr came out crying how the two sides are close, while Daly said they were far apart. After mediation - the mediators statement was - you guessed it far apart...

In the NBA and the NFL, players agreed to 48% & 50% of their revenue... Only the NHLPA thinks it's pie share should be 57% + guaranted raises (while not accepting risk if the revenues wouldn't grow)...

But it's all Bettmans fault, right?

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