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11-30-2012, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
I sort of agree with the alarmist description.

Remembering back a few years ago, how Intel was going to include this super nasty on chip DRM and ruin the openness of the platform or some such.

Also it seems odd because Intel has done quite a bit for the enthusiast lately.

Wait and see, could be horrible or overblown. But even if it is soldered to the board and there are no socket options, I'm sure someone like ASUS will package various CPUs with enthusiast level motherboards and sell them like that. Even most enthusiasts I know don't swap CPUs that much. In building my own systems I've only upgraded a CPU within a generation/socket family once. A64 3500+ to A64 4000+.
It might make overclockers think twice; if you know you can't get a replacement for OCing your cheaper CPU to artificially up performance, you have to buy a new board too you might think twice. Or if the board dies after warranty for some reason, you just can't swap the board. I know not everyone does this though, it mainly affects an enthusiast corner of the market.

Some other board makers or chipmakers have to be worried too, in some scenarios they might be squeezed out in some monopolistic Intel play. The anti-trust people made sure IBM was on a leash in the old days, and it created the open architecture environment we have today. In a global marketplace, the same anti-trust people might not care or the same conditions might not apply. Each country might be concerned about protecting its own industries and give its companies more leeway in screwing others.

Intel might be worried with the trend towards ARM chips in devices and might make a defensive move to defend itself by throwing out the old open architecture rules out the window. Microsoft seems to be reacting too and it is moving into hardware like Apple and Google. Intel might be deciding it has to build more of the computing appliances itself to stay alive.

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