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11-30-2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Broad Street Elite View Post
Because you can't spend your way to success like that. In 2014, you're looking at replacing Utley, Rollins, and Ruiz? You've got an aged Ryan Howard, Halladay, and Lee. In fact, other than Hamels, is there any player in 2014 you feel confident about still being in their prime?

The reality is that our farm system is the biggest problem. We have no projectable offensive talent at this point. Everyone is 3-5 years away with little ability to expect quality with the lone exception being an incredibly young Biddle.

To me, you go for it this year. If you miss, you sell off everything and start a massive rapid rebuild. If we're out of it by the deadline this year, you can expect a massive selloff to reduce the length and depth of the slide, but to me, it's unmistakable that there are down years on the horizon.
Sure you can. The Yankees have been doing it for the last 20 years. But I do agree that we sould sell off some of our players. But signing Josh Hamilton to "go for it" this year is just throwing fuel on the fire that will become this team. BJ Upton would have been the perfect signing for this team. Short term deal, relatively low AAV, young player still in his prime, plays a position of need, bats RH.

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