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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Let's agree on at least this. The Maple Leafs (sorry to pick on them) are an example of a team that is weak and badly managed and they still make a lot of money. Let's don't pretend that a team is poorly managed simply because it doesn't bring in the same revenue as a team that has little to no competition for their fans' money.

Franchises like Nashville may be struggling to create a fan base in a non-traditional market, but they are an example of an extremely well run organization with great management.
When I write " well managed team" I am talking about the business side, not necessaraly the hockey side.

As for Nashville, they can be as good as they want, but it's not and never be a real hockey market. I am sad for the owner and management of that team. They almost lost two of their franchise players in the same Summer.

But oiutside the 17,000-18,000 fans that are going to the games, how many more are they in that area and what are the TV ratings ?

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