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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
AMD also just jumped into ARM. Though they may not exist long enough to actually do it
The video card business could be screwed for both AMD and nVidia if Intel makes a play to close off its architecture, now that it has its own Intel video. That won't happen tomorrow, but it could. nVidia is also into ARM and it didn't do itself any favors with Intel awhile back saying their GPUs could eventually replace CPUs in processing power. AMD has played nice with partners and is currently in with Sony to build the new PS4 parts. Someday in the future you might have proprietary Intel PCs and AMD might be positioned to be the only CPU, GPU, APU armed competitor in that market, weakened as it is. Then you have the open ARM architectures; nVidia is putting its eggs in that basket; many others are following. Microsoft just p*ssed off HP and Dell and the latter might go the Android/ARM route. I have no idea who, what, the successful players might be in 10 years, who survives, but it looks good for Apple and Google right now with ARM appliances, then I'm not so sure. AMD has some nice pieces to play in this battle but they are much weakened. Some say Microsoft is weakened for not moving fast enough and isn't innovative enough to stay on top. I have no idea. We'll see what happens in the new mobile app environment. But the Desktop PC seems to be going down, the future belongs to tablets, laptops and thinner touch-screen appliances. It might not die, but it will be a niche market.

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