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11-30-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by jw2 View Post
I have not read the comics, but I was informed about those comic spoilers...
So, a few follow up questions about the comic -

(Not sure if these actually spoil anything, but could hint at events, so if you are anal about that stuff, dont read it)
Did Merle also lose his hand in the comic? Did Maggie get captured and 'interrogated' by the Gov?

I was under the impression that the tv writers changed these to what we've seen, ala Herschel losing the leg, not Daryl
I didn't read the comics but I think Daryl and Merle were not in the comics at all. Not sure about the Maggie thing I am pretty sure it happened to someone, for some reason I think Michonne. Oh and it was Dale that had his leg chopped off in the comics

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