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11-30-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by DoubleAAAA View Post
Is there a bigger bush move than the "manual goalie, rush the skater on a breakaway" move? Even if you get out around the guy 70% of the time AI forces your shot high or wide. Grrrrr.

That and the center ice face off tie-up / auto breakaway drive me nuts. The old wrap & slap is starting to become pretty common too. Grrrr
There's absolutely nothing wrong with changing to the goalie and poke checking. I don't do it every time, but I will do it to keep the other person on their toes. I do switch to the goalie 100% of the time on breakaways though, I just cover the forehand side, since the backhand forehand is so prevalent, and people are so predictable, unless they do something different, they're not scoring. On my goal I posted above, the guy switched to the goalie on my last breakaway. I still ended up scoring, but when I got on the breakaway with Zetterberg, I was expecting him to change to the goalie again, so I wanted to do something completely different from what he might be expecting, but he didn't change to the goalie on the Zetterberg one.

The wrap and slap is the only real glitch goal in the game, and it is so Fing annoying because no matter how many times you defend against it, they're going to try it the entire game, and with idiot AI teammates, chances are he's going to slip one through. If you stop it 99 times, he'll probably get it on the 100th.

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