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11-30-2012, 03:47 PM
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The lessons of last time: Couple other questions, related to the last lockout.

1) It seems like Jacobs and other hard liners were somewhat taken off guard with the results of the 2004 lockout. Do you think Jacobs in particular is hard over about getting things exactly the way he wants this time as a result of the last lockout?

2) Do you believe that the fact the players "lost" the last CBA has emboldened the owners this time to just hold out and force the PA to cave eventually? They'll wait 6, 12, more months but believe deep down then can win "again" and have the upper hand.

I do believe the owners are confident that their tough stance will pay off for them and use last time as both reinforcement of that belief and motivation to get what they left on the table last time.

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