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11-30-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
May ? Really ? Is this the same way that if I jump from a boat in the middle of the ocean, I May get wet ?

No one denies that there are great passionate knowledgable fans in small markets. The problem is that there simply are NOT ENOUGH OF THEM. Instead of interpreting every mention of contraction as a personal affront, you would do far better to help promote the game in your small markets and stabilize your team.

I live in the middle of nowhere but I really like the blue man group. should they play in podunk auditorium if I'm the only one there ? but what if I really really like them ?

The fact is that the extent of individual fan passion means nothing to the owners, they would chose an area full of bandwagoners over a half empty arena full of hockey scholars.
Bad word choice, I didn't mean "might". I meant it in the same way a coach says "We may have lost the game, but we played hard." Obviously there are less fans, it's just the tense of the word there. But minor details. Obviously I know there are less die-hards.

I don't take contraction talk as an attack against me personally, I, just like you, am voicing my view on the subject. It's no different. I am firmly against contraction because I know that an NHL team does a whole lot more than just play 41 games a night there. Four years ago, Atlanta sponsored three travel teams per age level. They are now down to one (that I know of at least). It kills youth hockey. Also, as SoundGarden said, it hurts tourism. Downtown Nashville bars get a ridiculous amount of revenue from fans, home and away, and I'm sure other teams have similar relationships with local business.

For the record, as mentioned early, Nashville ranked #20 in attendance at 97.5% filled last year. Not bad.

My point is this: You have to let it grow. As you said, it is the responsibility of me - and other small market fans - to grow the game, but going downtown and shouting "Go buy Preds tickets!" won't work. It is a long process. As soon as I have kids, I will be taking them to games, getting them to play youth hockey, etc., but a city becoming a hockey town doesn't happen over night. Right now, many markets are going through growing pains. The hard part is figured out which ones need a few years to mature and which ones are truly just not going to work.

I think that, with the ownership they had, Atlanta was doomed to fail. No problem with moving them, as much as it sucked for Atlanta fans.'s close, and if they are relocated/contracted, I honestly would understand and not be too up-in-arms. But uprooting a team with a consistently growing fanbase and strong community ties shouldn't be uprooted before it has a chance to grow.

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