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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
Well the first step is finding a team to root for then. The only sport I can watch without any loyalty to a team is hockey, and even then I'm likely pulling for one or the other.

I don't see the Net fans being thickheaded, but then again I only know like 3 fellow Net fans. The Knick fans though, holy crap. ESPN NY was literally talking about what to do in the playoffs with Stat and Melo... after the 4th game.

Google Ewing Draft Lottery if you want to see some real shady stuff.
Past the point of finding a team to root for. I'm not "new" to the NBA in any way. Been watching my entire life, rather well versed in any of the franchises, and the players of today and the past in all of these organizations. Nothing new to me, so if it hasn't clicked by now, it won't. I was a major Nets fan for most of my life. Once Ratner bought the team and started with the "we're going to move to Brooklyn" bit (years before a shovel was even put in the ground), I stepped away. Not an overnight thing, but gradually. Not trying to get into any sort of argument of why it's ok to go back, or how his role has diminished/it's not really moving/anything. I stepped away from being a fan years ago and have been totally fine with it. But because I was such a big fan for a while, I can't just move on to another team. I can have teams I want to see do well, but I have no feeling of fandom towards them. To individual players, sure, but if I try to go based on that, I'll be back to picking between 20 teams as I like so many players scattered throughout the league. Although that admiration is more so as a result of the individual talent and skill set more so than anything.

There are thickheaded Nets fans as there are for any team in any sport. Never is an entire fan base terrible, but never is one without its bad apples either. The Nets fans I know have really taken up the role of your stereotypical Rangers fan, or how many would view Jets fans in recent years (this year aside). Overhyping and non-stop trash talking before accomplishing anything, and most of it being based off the acquisition of personnel. Saw a lot of it in the off-season. The arrogance I've been seeing lately is essentially the Knicks fan arrogance of weeks ago. Knicks fans were arrogant because of their quick start while everyone had to tell them one/a few games this early in the year doesn't matter. Now it shifted to the Nets fans talking **** because they beat the Knicks last week, and someone needing to tell them one/a few games this early in the year does not make a season. But whatever. That applies in pretty much any sport with an 80+ game season. The Knicks fan issue is just a larger scale version of what I'm having to deal with for Nets fans. Its more intense homerism because they've been that much worse for that much longer. They had their "comeback" (acquiring Stoudemire + that initial success) a little before the Nets (acquiring Williams), so they add in the dynamic of being defensive when their rival team is talking about coming back to greatness.

Simply put, the whole fan dynamic is annoying the crap out of me more than anything. Especially when I know more about these peoples' teams than they do. I need smarter friends.

Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post
i will say though, playing basketball can be a lot of fun. one of the best birthday gifts i ever got as a kid was my own hoop and ball.
Damn right it is. Spent a ton of my summers in high school/college playing basketball for hours each day 3-4 times a week. Best summers of my life. Still try to play here and there but its obviously harder. Still a ton of fun to play.

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