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11-30-2012, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by JUMBOcanuck View Post
I think I'm done in this league. If the commish can't be bothered to do an activity check or even check on GMs who people have complained about, then I don't think I want to invest any more time here.

I signed most of my players, I'm sure someone will enjoy them.
Originally Posted by Inside McKenzie View Post
The leadership of this league continues to disappoint. I will be leaving the league as Sharks GM. I liked my team and there seems to be a good core group of people here but I think the writing has been on the wall for some time now.
Originally Posted by JUMBOcanuck View Post
Its not giving up, but the way the league is run I'd rather not waste my time if the commish cant even do simple things like activity checks
Originally Posted by JUMBOcanuck View Post
Its not my league and I'm not whining. I already help run a league that is doing much better than this. If the guy who created the league cant be bothered to manage it, why should I?

Besides that, it was already suggested that someone else take over as commish and all it did was start a fight. Anyways I'm done, enjoy the league.
This isn't a super-competitive league and it's for fun, if that's not what you're in this for, then sorry, you infact did pick the wrong league. I've PM'd every GM that has had complaints of inactivity, and I've done my best to encourage everyone to be active. I can't babysit everyone to going on their xbox every day and play games. People have lives, jobs and more important things to do than this league, and I need to understand that and I do take into consideration some people that do have a lot of time on their hands, It's not easy finding a balance and I've really tried to do that.

If you're unhappy that some people didn't re-sign their players, I can't do much about it except for saying sorry to you. If you wanna leave, go ahead, but I have a feeling that we're gunna have another successful season and we learned a lot this season to make everyone's experience better.


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