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11-30-2012, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
Factually, we all agree the Oilers suck and their management has done a horrible job.
A. Burke's record is a little misleading in winning % because he took on some horrible teams in Hartford and Toronto...but it is hardly impressive at the same time. 7/15 playofff appearances is below .500 as well

B. What are you arguing the Oilers for? Aren't we talking about the Leafs? And duh...yes when you are able to draft 3 first overall picks 3 years in a row its not from being a good team who is neccessarily well managed. Don't understand what you are implying.

But one thing I do believe is that the Oilers are poised to have a breakout year soon...Too much top level talent not to. Not saying they will win the Cup but they will not be the laughing stock of the NHL much longer. I cant say that about the Leafs, however. That's the difference between the two rebuilding franchises for me....but its all hearsay right. We will see how it plays out. Which team will emerge from the bowels of the league first.

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