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11-30-2012, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by vanwest View Post
I look at it this way. Many of the owners got where they are by hard work and skill. Kudos to them.
I know some people who have become NHL players and the hard work and dedication they have shown is amazing. I'm sure a few float by on talent alone but that's probably the exception. The competition is intense for those few NHL jobs.

I don't begrudge the NHL players their big salaries anymore than I begrudge the owners their fortunes. Most of them worked hard for what they have and, if they inherited it, have worked hard to keep it. Channeling your energy into being an NHL player is really no different than channeling your effort into being a successful business owner. I don't really understand the attitude that the owners should be more respected than the players. Sure the players would probably not be making millions if hockey didn't exist. But it does exist. And they've shown incredible effort and work in reaching their goal which they probably have had since childhood.
i agree on all accounts.

Most owners usually have a head start but still have to work to earn their livings.

even a fringe NHLer has more natural skills in hockey than the majority of the population but still have to work hard. I know fully even if i worked 100% harder than Lars Eller i still wouldnt even come close.

my point just not point at what you were born with. You better and fully explained it.

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